Beginning of Chopper Landscaping

Chopper Landscaping is a proudly family business​​​​​, full-service landscape company that started in 2017-2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I had a dream to bring my designs to life, so I decided to buy a shovel and a fork and start working” – Chopper Founder. Previously to started working in Utah. We started in New Jersey with a medium-sized Outdoor Living company. I learned from the best craftsmanship and decided to start my journey.


A Month of Inspiration

The first months were rewarding; most of our customers supported our commitment and company mission. We started with a small crew of three people. Later that year, we were seven people in two different groups working in diverse projects. We implemented a 3D project overview. This tool helped our future customers when planning their Outdoor Living.


Working with Passion

Our mission was/is to create beautiful landscapes based on our client’s unique vision, so we decided to add more services to convert our family business in a complete contractor service. We added Fencing Solutions, Water Features, and Gazebo, Pergolas structures.


Upcoming Spring/Summer Season Plans

We keep our promises, since day one we offered Free Estimates after the acceptance, and if the customer requested, we designed their patio in a 3D Image Software. This process allows us to deliver our commitments and exceed expectations. Throughout the entire process, our attention to detail creates a superior level of quality.



New Projects Upcoming

In 2019, we had great success with our customers; many of them contacted us by referrals, that was satisfying, our customers trusted us, and we were trying our best to give them back the best results. We also attended HNA (Hardscape North America) Kentucky Training & Conference and learned the latest trends for 2020. We implemented more services and started commercial landscaping.


The Elk Ridge Project

Before 2019 ended, we started one of our best projects in Elk Ridge, UT. We created a Mediterranean multilevel patio with different features. This project was featured in diverse online platforms, like the South Valley of Commerce and Suazo Business Center.


Focusing on What’s Important

We keep focusing on combining expert craftsmanship, creative design and use top quality materials. We take pride in turning common spaces into outstanding spaces.


Great Gardens

This year 2020, was challenging and uncertain. Thanks to our previous background and social media support, we were able to continue working, keep our employees and families safe. We continue giving our best and learning more online. We are working on implementing Outdoor Lighting.

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150 W Broadway Ave Suite 200, Salt Lake City. UT, 84101

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