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Pavers Driveway and Pavers features -Layton

September 10, 2018by Chopper0

Thinking about replacing or adding a walkway, patio, or driveway to your outdoor living area?

The client was looking for a contemporary space where they could enjoy their view. They wanted to incorporate stone and fire features in their backyard. They also wanted a simple driveway to enhance the front view.

We all have been there; the decision is hard when it comes to a long time investment. With this in mind, our customer (recommended by his daughter) had an intention to remodel all his residential outdoor areas. The first step was to 3d design the project and to opt for Belgard pavers. Style, durability, cost, and eco-friendliness material were a factor in this decision, so if you want the best driveway pavers that perform highly in all of these categories, you should install a permeable paver driveway. We also added a porch area to highlight the entrance. The final step was to create a pathway between the backyard and front yard to communicate the design.

The final results were stunning, and I couldn’t be happier with the fantastic customers we had last year.



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