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Evening Paradise – Elk Ridge Residence

December 28, 2022by Chopper0

The small, picturesque town of Elk Ridge, Utah, is known for its breathtaking views and lush green fields. But something was missing from this beautiful house… proper landscaping!

That’s when a team of dedicated landscapers arrived in town with a plan to create stunning Outdoor Living with accentuated entrances and a cozy multilevel patio with a fire pit. They got to work immediately, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. They created paths with winding trails leading from one spot to another and placed retaining walls along each path.

They worked tirelessly for weeks. Finally, their efforts paid off – this Elk Ridge home had become an oasis surrounded by tall trees, vibrant shrubs, and colorful flowers blooming everywhere you looked! The energy changed; it felt like a whole new place! Relatives began visiting more frequently to enjoy what this house suddenly offered.

A lot of dedication and hard work was put into transforming this Outdoor Living into what it is today – a beautiful landscape full of life!

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