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Full-service landscaping contractor providing craftsmanship, functionality, and sustainability

Bringing your outdoor space to life!

At Chopper Landscaping, we take great pride in our highly experienced and skilled team of landscapers Utah, renowned for their expertise and dedication to crafting beautiful outdoor spaces inspired by Utah’s stunning landscapes.  We’re a landscaping contractor providing full-service landscaping, including 3D landscaping design and installation.

Outdoor Water Feature 

Pavers Patio with Holland border

Custom fireplace with entertainment area.

Gas fire pit with stone bench seating.

Custom Pergola

At Chopper Landscaping, we’re all about more than just design and installation – it’s about crafting spaces that inspire, comfort, and bring joy. Our portfolio is full of outdoor makeovers, each with its own special tale and made to fulfill homeowners’ dreams.

From the lush simplicity of new sod installation to the detailed craftsmanship of full-scale outdoor construction, our team is here to handle every aspect of your landscaping project with care. Our full-service approach ensures your vision is brought to life with precision and quality. We’re your go-to contractor for a wide range of services, from peaceful garden retreats to vibrant outdoor living areas. Let our work spark your imagination and unleash the potential of your outdoor space!

Offering custom landscaping services in Utah County, Salt Lake valley county and all Utah Wasatch.

landscape design utah

3d Landscape Design

We specialize in creating immersive 3d landscaping designs for your custom outdoor living spaces, offering our future customer their vision put into reality. Tailored for homeowners who appreciate precision, creativity, and a practical approach. Let our design services kickstart the transformation of your outdoor space into your very own home retreat.

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patio pavers installation near me

Patios & Walkways

We see a beautifully paver patio as more than just an addition to your home—it's the cornerstone for making unforgettable memories. Crafted for homeowners who appreciate a blend of elegance, durability, and practicality, our paver patios are here to take your outdoor living up a notch! A well-designed paver patio not only boosts your quality of life but also brings substantial value to your property.

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We offer all landscape services

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Retaining Walls & Structures

A well-built backyard or front yard retaining wall does more than keep soil in place—it actually boosts the beauty and practicality of your outdoor area. Made for homeowners looking to turn their landscapes into works of art that work well, our retaining walls are crafted to tackle tough terrains, create more useable space, and bring a touch of elegance with outdoor lighting to Utah county, Salt Lake valley and Wasatch homes.

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custom outdoor living space

Outdoor Living Features

Our design and construction approach is all about getting to know your family's special needs and preferences. Imagine an outdoor pizza oven for those moments of joy and deliciousness, a spacious stone outdoor fireplace for grand family get-togethers, or a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for gourmet adventures under the open sky. Custom landscaping services utah county and all over Utah valley. Our designs are not only versatile but also packed with innovation!

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outdoor firepits

Fire Features

Our custom outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are designed not just to ward off the evening chill but to create an inviting atmosphere that brings people together. For homeowners who cherish warmth, aesthetics, and unforgettable moments under the stars, our outdoor fire features offer the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. From traditional wood-burning fire pits to modern gas-powered fireplaces, we have a variety of options to suit your specific needs and preferences.

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water wall feature outdoor

Water features

Our process begins with your vision. Our expert landscaping designer collaborate with you to determine which type of water feature—be it a fountain, pond, waterfall, or stream—best suits your landscape and desires. In addition to water features, we provide a full range of landscaping services to create a cohesive and stunning outdoor space with custom landscaping services in Utah county and all over Utah valley that complements your new water element perfectly.

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Awards & Features

Utah Belgard Authorized Contractor
2022 best landscapers
2023 best utah landscapers
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Techo bloc utah
Concrete work

Concrete Work

We specialize in elevating outdoor spaces with high-quality concrete work. Tailored for homeowners who value strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, our concrete solutions are designed to transform your landscape into a durable and stylish outdoor living area. From elegant concrete driveways and patios to custom walkways and retaining walls, our expert craftsmanship ensures your outdoor space not only looks fantastic but stands the test of time.

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In ground trampoline

Recreational Features

Your outdoor space should be your family's favorite destination for fun and relaxation. That's why we specialize in integrating recreational features like in ground trampolines, entertainment areas and more into your landscape, creating an inviting and exciting environment right in your backyard. Tailored for families who have active kids, our custom designs ensure that every leap and bounce brings a smile, without compromising the beauty of your landscape.

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Decorative Landscaping

Let's work on adding beauty through texture and color to your gardens! Our gravel installations, mulch applications, and thoughtful placement of flowers and plants are designed to turn your outdoor space into a stunning landscape. Whether you want a peaceful garden escape or a lively Utah native plants and flowers showcase, our team is here to create areas that match your style and boost your property's charm..

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Get ready for breathtaking results
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Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality service that perfectly aligns with your vision, leveraging our deep understanding and respect for Utah’s natural beauty to create your ideal outdoor space.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our work

Using only the best materials and employing skilled professionals who share our passion for landscaping.

Craftsmanship Warranty

Offering two year warranty in our hardscaping wok.

Licensed Experts

Full General Contractor, licensed and insured.

Award-winners landscapers

Winners of Best Landscapers in Salt Lake City 2022 & 2023

Sustainable Practices

Our decorative landscaping services emphasize eco-friendly practices and materials, enhancing your garden's health and beauty.

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