This Farmington residential landscaping architecture and design involved examining all aspects of the property and home. First, the client needed to replace their rotting concrete patio. Moreover, a large area could enjoy the view while enjoying the green scenario.

The client in Farmington, UT, was looking for a style house in a modern Mediterranean backyard. First, we removed the previous concrete backyard patio we disposed of all debris and soil. Consequently, we added a boulder retaining wall to control the slope and help with the flower bed decoration. Then we build the principal area for the backyard pavers patio. The Farmington landscaping residence owner’s wanted to preserve the existing landscaping. They enjoy the smell of their garden flowers, the sound of the birds, and the beauty of their trees. The stone we used was Belgard in Holland color for the borders to contrast the patio area. Next, we readjusted the sprinkler valves and installed a drip system for the garden flowers area—finally, the fertilizer and Blue Kentucky when we planted native ground covers between the boulders. Overall, the elements contrasted beautifully and harmonically, adding functionality and attractive appearance to the backyard while providing excellent resource conservation value.



  • Interlocking Belgard Pavers in Catalina and Holland color.
  • Boulders Stones
  • Groundcovers: Blue Chip Juniper, Carpet Bugle, Creeping Jeny, Creeping Lobelia, Creeping veronica, Dragon blood, and Scotch moss.
  • Hunter Drip & Irrigation System
  • Blue Kentucky Sod
  • Balanced pH level topsoil

The final look at the new patio was gratifying. The homeowners were gladly satisfied.

Year: 2020-2021

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