Whatever our age, when it comes to Outdoor playgrounds, we have the chance to put our adult worries aside and lose ourselves for a moment at play. Whether active or relaxing, there is undoubtedly a unique feeling associated with the playground area and patio experience.

The client wanted an area large enough for an outdoor playground and living area that matched the traditional architecture of their home. They planned to do lots of entertaining so the patio needed to be decked out with great appliances and include plenty of space.

The homeowners of Herriman house decided to adapt their backyard to their kids’ needs. The previous backyard was not functional, having large areas not flexible for entertainment.

After showing them a 3D landscaping design, we decided to remove sod areas, grade the site, level the soil, and prepare the area for outdoor playgrounds and trampoline set up.

Consequently, we poured gravel and resized the playground area. Add artificial turf to allow the kids to enjoy being barefoot in the summertime. The trampoline area was close to the playground. The final step was to create a pavers pathway, irrigation system, garden raised bed, and concrete driveway. Given the proximity to the neighbor’s house, we opted to plant a 10-12′ Peachtree. Ultimately, a great backyard playground that kids and adults can enjoy year-round!


  • Artificial Turf
  • Blue Kentucky and Organic topsoil
  • Decorative Mulch
  • Hunter Irrigation Systems
  • Evergreens Trees

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