Each landscaping offers different opportunities and challenges. As landscape design professionals and construction landscapers, we feel interested in the unusual or distinct aspects of a particular project’s potential.

The client was looking for a space that could entertain kids and adults. In addition, they wanted a pristine waterfall, a place to watch and enjoy, and an outdoor patio with a pathway. As a result, we installed a new flagstone patio, water feature, irrigation systems, landscaping lighting, and a new sod layout to enhance this property’s backyard.

The first step was to create a 3D design with various landscaping features and color combinations.

The goal was the functionality and natural element of the backyard. Consequently, homeowners decided to use Belgard and Keystone products. The finishing details were essential to the project; these include carefully chosen sizes, textures, shapes, colored gravel, river rock, and Mexican beach pebbles for a beautiful waterfall.

As you can see, we used natural-source materials. We believe they deliver superior durability and design aesthetic.


  • Flagstone Pathway and Patio
  • Aquascape water feature
  • Boulders
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Sod Layout
  • Decorative gravel
  • Beach pebbles
  • Outdoor Lighting

The final result was a beautiful Utah Outdoor living where the family can spend summertime enjoying the soothing sound of water features combined with lights and alfresco dining.


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