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Enhance Your Utah Landscaping

Infusing Creativity and Functionality with Craftsmanship Guarantee!
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Chopper Landscaping has skilled Utah landscapers committed to crafting spaces that surpass your expectations.

Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our Utah landscaping services offer design and full installation for comprehensive outdoor living solutions.

Creativity and Functionality

With our skilled and certified professionals, we provide landscaping services backed by warranties.

Chopper Landscaping combines expert craftsmanship, functional spaces, and creativity.

In a world where your home is your sanctuary, let’s enhance your outdoor spaces to mirror the harmony, style, and functionality that blend with the beautiful Utah landscapes.

Let’s create an outdoor living space that reflects your style, making it a cozy haven for family well-being and fun get-togethers with friends!

3D Landscaping design to provide you peace of mind about your landscaping outcomes.

Quality craftsmanship creates functional outdoor spaces that set your backyard apart and enhance your enjoyment.

Creative and functional spaces that can help make small spaces more enjoyable!

Creative and functional spaces that can help make small spaces more enjoyable!

Sustainable ways to optimize water consumption with Utah plants based on your landscaping needs!

We do it ALL Better! Right!

Your Utah landscaping backyard is the perfect canvas for creating stunning outdoor spaces. Check out some of the services we offer to elevate your luxurious custom backyard!

Pavers + Hardscaping

Beyond just paver patios, we excel in crafting full outdoor living spaces. From pathways to retaining walls, and paver courts, we create areas that blend beauty, functionality, and comfort seamlessly.

Fire pits +Fireplaces Features

A well-designed fire feature serves as a stunning focal point in your outdoor living area, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your backyard landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Having custom outdoor lighting really brings out the beauty of your home and garden, making your landscape look stunning when night falls.

Outdoor Kitchens + Pizza Ovens

Having a blast with games, family, and friends at home? How about some outdoor dining, BBQs all summer, and cooking up a storm in your outdoor kitchen all night long? 

#Chopperbuiltit - The Process

Our process kicks off when you request an estimate. Our skilled landscapers’ estimators then create a plan tailored to your needs, incorporating the space’s best features and enhancing functionality in your utah landscape.

Chopper estimator

Meeting with the Chopper team's estimator.

3d landscaping design

We typically give a quote within 3 to 6 days.

3d landscaping design

3D Design will be sent for previous estimate approval.

We establish the date, exchange project details, and commence construction!

professional landscaping

Get Inspired

Be inspired by the artistry of our hardscapes! From beautifully patterned paver patios to strong retaining walls and stylish walkways, our hardscaping not only boosts aesthetics but also functionality and durability. Whether it's a peaceful garden hideaway or a vibrant outdoor living space, let our work ignite your creativity and help you unlock the potential of your outdoor area.

Cedar Hills – Feels Like Summer

Let's check out the amazing transformation in this Utah Landscaping scenario! Picture multi level patios, a raised pavers patio, a cozy patio court for the pool area, water-wise spots, a basketball court, a relaxing spa area, and outdoor dining with a wood-burning fire pit, all while honoring the natural beauty of Cedar Hills.

Pool Paver Court

Our pool paver court areas are designed not only for their functionality but also to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Raised Paver Patio

With a wide selection of pavers in various colors, textures, and patterns, we customize your raised patio to perfectly complement your home’s exterior and your personal style.

Riverton Personal Retreat

Look at this amazing Riverton backyard transformation! It went from an unused patio with no green areas or entertainment to a functional, creative, and elegant space crafted by the artistry of our utah landscape experts. From beautifully patterned paver patios to strong retaining walls and graceful walkways, our hardscaping not only boosts aesthetics but also adds functionality and durability.

Outdoor Patio with Fire Feature

A beautifully designed fire feature becomes the heart of your outdoor living space, bringing a touch of elegance and warmth to your backyard scenery.

Aesthetic Enhancement:

Our lighting designs accentuate the architectural features of your home and highlight the beauty of your landscaping, elevating your property's aesthetic appeal and curb appeal.

Testimonials of Customers

Let’s create something breathtaking together.

Let Chopper Landscaping transform your backyard into an oasis of beauty, functionality, and endless entertainment.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our work

Using only the best materials and employing skilled professionals who share our passion for landscaping.

Craftsmanship Warranty

Offering two year warranty in our hardscaping wok.

Licensed Experts

Full General Contractor, licensed and insured.

Award-winners landscapers

Winners of Best Landscapers in Salt Lake City 2022 & 2023

Sustainable Practices

Our decorative landscaping services emphasize eco-friendly practices and materials, enhancing your garden's health and beauty.

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