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Transforming this Cedar Hills Backyard Haven into a Luxurious Retreat

Can you turn your grass-covered backyard into a spa, retreat, and outdoor office all in one? Absolutely! Let us take you on the journey of creating this stunning backyard patio in the peaceful Cedar Hills, UT mountains. It all started with a bit of a mess—the previous landscapers began digging out the pool area and patios without a 3D design plan and with unrealistic goals. Their efforts turned into a nightmare, and they abandoned the project, leaving the owner high and dry with the deposit and first payment gone. You can check out a video on our Instagram: @chopper.landscaping.

We happened to be working in the same neighborhood when the owner, a talented veterinarian, asked for an estimate. When we saw the unprofessional and unbearable backyard, we knew we had to step in. We sat down with the homeowners to create a plan that would turn their desires into a cohesive design. Most of our projects kick off with a 3D design, and this one was no different.

After a few weeks of back-and-forth with the customers, we finalized the design and set the project timeline. We then coordinated with suppliers, assigned our team, and got started. Projects like these usually take 4-5 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

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High-End Materials: The Foundation of Elegance

Another important thing to think about is the material. Go for durable options with good warranties. Take our patios at Chopper Landscaping, for instance—they come with a two-year craftsmanship warranty in addition to the supplier’s material warranty. Since we’re Belgard certified, we use top-notch materials to ensure sustainability and lasting quality. This means your outdoor space will stay timeless!

Craftsmanship warranty

The landscaping action plan

Well, like we mentioned earlier, once the 3D design got the green light, we started ordering from suppliers, organizing the team, and picking the right crew for this tough job. The first week was all about dealing with tons of landfill and waste (the previous contractors left a mess). We cleaned the whole area, leveled it, started installing the sprinkler system, and began building the multilevel patios and hardscape areas.

3D Landscaping design

What was expected

The family wanted a fun, low-maintenance, and low-water area. So, we decided to elevate the space with a raised pavers patio, complete with a pergola and a jacuzzi for those chilly fall and winter days when you just need to relax in hot water. We also included an alfresco dining area and a small firepit for hanging out with family, friends, and neighbors.

Pavers patios

The outdoor Alfresco experience 

Before we came up with the idea of a tailored outdoor area near the dining and kitchen space, homeowners were just expecting a plain paver area, which wasn’t ideal. We also suggested adding a small outdoor kitchen, which they later agreed to build. Plus, they wanted the paver color to match their house, which we thought was a great idea!

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The Promise of Transformation

The pool patio area was, hands down, the highlight of the whole process. The way the stone pavers contrasted with the tranquil waters and the mountains was a total win. Can you imagine stepping out of the pool onto plain concrete? This upgrade added a whole new level of comfort and luxury to their patio, blending water, air, and earth in perfect harmony. Not only did it look amazing, but it was super functional too!

Professional Landscaping Process Utah

Our satisfaction at the end was seeing an outstanding transformation! The homeowners were so thrilled, they even threw a party for all their friends. We suggested going for a lighter house color to enhance the look of the property even more. As you can see, the design-to-build process was magnificent! Here at Chopper, it’s not just about building a patio; it’s about finding the best solution for your space, ensuring functionality, and creating areas that harmonize with the beautiful surroundings we have here in Utah!

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