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Inspiration Patios – Bird’s-Eye View Patio

Get inspired by the different types of Hardscaping Patios we have built. Featuring Belgard Outdoor Living and Keystone Products. By balancing shapes, patterns, and textures from a bird’s-eye view, you can design a backyard that’s not only a pleasure to be in, but also to look down on. Whether you have a pavers courtyard, a lower-level vegetable garden, or would simply like to look down on an interesting backyard patio from upstairs windows. 

Geometric form. We added a pathway and a hardscaping patio with a mulch area, to create an effective bird’s-eye view with a large-scale geometric shape. The dramatic zigzag of a path leading to a fire pit may be less noticeable while in the garden but puts emphasis on the geometry from above.

Repetition. You can see the use of mulch and pavers patios offering a feeling of balance and calm. This makes a satisfying repetitive pattern along the front yard and backyard walkway.

Water element. Water activates a garden, bringing wildlife, providing sound, reflecting the changing sky patterns. 

Shapes with hardscaping. We use hardscaping areas like the patio entrance court, the walkway, and the seating area paver’s patio with firepit. This creates unexpected geometrical shapes. When viewed from above, this asymmetrical patio made up of different-size pavers is much more visually engaging than a standard rectangular patio.

Eye-catching patterns. We added different patterns, such as cut stone pavers, and create a circular geometric patio with curves.

hardscape elements
Pavers patio walkway

This amazing landscaping was created last May 2021 in Lake Point, UT.



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