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Make your Utah a Backyard Oasis

Is your backyard an oasis? Get your outdoor living space ready for spring – it’s important for today’s modern designs. Transform your patio into an unforgettable experience and make every moment in nature count this summer with indoor-outdoor living solutions from experts who know how best to bring together form & function. From patios to pools; gatherings or simply relaxing alone outdoors – now is the time get creative and invigorate those outdoor spaces!

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature to your landscaping can enhance your outdoor space’s tranquility, serenity, and natural beauty. Flowing water adds an overall sense of calm to your landscape design and makes it more effective. The surface of a natural river bed can be simulated with a waterfall, fountain, or fake running stream using pebbles. In addition to increasing your home’s curb appeal and creating a feeling of luxury, water features instantly enhance its curb appeal.

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Build an outdoor kitchen

Take your outdoor living space to the next level with an outdoor kitchen! Having a dedicated cooking and entertaining area invites family, friends, and neighbors to gather around for delicious gourmet meals served fresh from your backyard oasis. Not only is it convenient for you – think of all that time saved without having everyone traipsing in-and-out of the house throughout dinner… Cleanup afterwards will also be easier too so you can savor those special moments together just a little bit longer.

Outdoor Kitchen

Decorative fencing

Fencing is so much more than just a way to keep out the neighbours – it can be used as an outdoor decorating tool! Frame your garden with modern metal and timber fences for protection, or go for something dreamy like sleek yard fencing surrounded by plants and twinkling lights. Create a peaceful backyard oasis right in your own backyard.

Decorative fence

Add living elements 

One simple addition can transform your outdoor space into a backyard oasis! Create an impactful green wall by hanging them high or using planters on the floor to bring life to the room. Adding potted blooms or creating a vertical garden will instantly brighten up your backyard and make it feel like home.

Potted Plants

Create a hardscape

Adding a hardscape feature to your patio can enhance its functionality and beauty, as well as increase the value of your home. Investing in a hardscape feature for your patio is an enjoyable undertaking that can vastly improve the aesthetic and practicality of your backyard!

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By planning carefully and selecting durable materials, we can create a beautiful and functional  backyard oasis spaces that you can enjoy for years to come.

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